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Supplying a wide range of armored and exclusive limousines!

*السيارات المصفحة*დაჯავშნული ავტომობილები*Бронированные автомобили*


VPS Motros Group in close cooperation with its partners all over the world is providing unique services and supplying exclusive products such as various developed, engineered  and manufactured cars on chassis of various automotive brands / models, including elongated, armored and elongated limousines in combination with ballistic protection. This allowed to provide their VIP passengers a very comfortable and safe environment, characterized by generous placement inside the limousines and maximum comfort combined with the high protection of their VIP passengers from any possible threats.

Five years ago, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class set standards in the MPV  (Multi-purpose Vehicle) segment with its design, value appeal, comfort as well as safety and assistance systems. The facelift builds upon these core values and thus enhances the attractiveness of the biggest member of the Stuttgart-based passenger car family.Focal points of the facelift include a restyled and striking front-end design and the introduction of the OM 654 four-cylinder diesel engine generation – with the V 300 d being the new top-power variant with 176 kW (239 hp) (combined fuel consumption 6.1-5.9 l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions 161-155 g/km)[1]. The new engine generation is even more efficient and clean and offers further improved noise and vibration characteristics. In addition the new V-Class W447 comes with the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission for the first time as well as several safety and assistance systems meeting the latest technological level, among them Active Brake Assist. The new V-Class can be ordered in Europe since March 2019.

Last year the facelift of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class MPV celebrated its premiere – with a new front design, an extended range of safety and assistance systems as well as the dynamically efficient four-cylinder OM 654 diesel engine and 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission. Also a standard component since the end of 2019: the intuitive and self-learning MBUX multimedia system. As of now, the V-Class comes with yet another technological highlight: the AIRMATIC air suspension system – a USP in the segment.

The lightweight armored vehicle is protected in CEN B4 in accordance to European ballistic standards to DIN EN 1063 (BR) и DIN EN 1522/1523 (FB). The level protection CEN B4 means an armored vehicle, built with using of certified ballistic materials such as the special metal types, bulletproff plastics and multylaered ballistic glass with inner polycarbonate layer.This vehicle is protected against several handgun models such as .357 Magnum FMJ, 44.Magnum FMJ etc.

The lightweight armored vehicle, based on Mercedes-Benz V-class MPV is available with both long and extralong wheelbase and 4Matic full time drive mode plus  with a wide range of engines and packages including interior. The front door (s) glass is electrically operable as well as side sliding door (s). The MPV isn't euipped the  panoramic roof and the electrically operable boot lid due to specific technical reasons. All other functions are identical to non armored version MPV.

The original interiors, offered by Mercedes-Benz could be converted into VIP luxury class interior with a wide range of the comfort and securty options and entertaiment systems as per customer's request.