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DESIGN & STYLING / التصميم

Bespoke design/Bespoke interior

VPS and his partners creates unique, transport, automotive and bespoke personalised products. Every commission is a journey of discovery where thoughts, emotions and interactions are essential components. Furthermore, close client involvement is an integral and essential part of the process. For Limited Edition, exclusivity and uncompromised originality is assured, with each design embracing artistic, pragmatic and physical elements. Utmost attention is given to every detail, in function, form and quality. Each stage in the process is focussed on ensuring that the final result is entirely successful, and to the client’s unconditional satisfaction.

VPS and his partners designs cars for clients who require a bespoke, individual product which will meet their needs in terms of styling, specification and driving qualities. Commissions may include fine interior detailing, restyling, engineering or performance upgrades.

The ultimate ‘Limited Edition’ is a complete bespoke design for a one-off car - based on a production ‘donor’ model or created from the start as a brand new original vehicle. Clients may also wish to consider commissioning a small production run of their car as a private or commercial project.  From the outset, understanding the client’s custom requirements forms an essential element in the design process. Preferences such as style, comfort, driving characteristics and usability are vital to ensure that the completed vehicle fulfils its purpose perfectly. A client’s vision turned into a piece of beautifully crafted reality - Envisage can help you build your dream car.

Working with private clients or consortiums, we endeavour to bring your ideas to life, creating truly unique and beautiful vehicle designs.

Using the experience gained from developing products for some of the world’s most famous automotive brands, we offer a complete turnkey service to make our client’s dreams become a reality.

Modern manufacturing techniques, combined with the traditional skills of the coachbuilders, allow us to design exceptional, individual cars that feature genuine engineering integrity throughout.

Automotive design & styling overview

In automotive styling, creativity, productivity, and the ability to rapidly iterate different design concepts are critical for success.

We're working collaboratively automotive designers and engineers to ensure that the aesthetic and functional traits, as well as the manufacturability of interior and exterior surfaces, are achieved early in the lifecycle, and all of this must be achieved at the lowest possible cost.

Special Software offers concept design, reverse engineering, and high-end rendering tools to give the power and freedom to push creativity, all in one system. For exterior and interior surfaces, our patners provide pole manipulation and surface alignment tools while giving you full control and real-time analysis of surface quality.

Whether it’s freeform, surface or mechanical shapes, you can quickly validate your concept geometry for detailed engineering, simulation, validation, tooling, and manufacturing.

VPS main activity in design has one very simple task.

We strive to fulfill and exceed VIP clients’ expectations, wishes and dreams in all that we do.

By utilizing our partners design team's creativity, skill and experience, together with the group’s extensive on-site facilities, we are able to deliver design solutions of the highest order. Our partners have the expertise to turn a client’s thoughts and inspirations into real, tangible, world class products.

VPS partners offers two distinct services within the design department:

With expertise across the automotive and wider transport sector, VPS partners in EU work with OEM and independent vehicle manufacturers on a consultancy basis, taking projects from the initial concept stage, through to fully feasible, production ready designs. Our partners design team has extensive experience in exterior and interior design, for both high volume manufacture and niche low volume production.

Whether a full vehicle design from the ground up, or a minor facelift programme, VPS and partners will work directly with a client’s marketing, engineering and management team, to deliver high quality design solutions.

2D Concept Design

The first stage of any design project is to fully explore and understand what each individual client requires. Using research, market trend analysis and benchmarking as a starting point, we explore the possibilities, primarily through concept sketches and visuals, always being guided by the client with regular reviews.

Once we have agreed an initial theme, our team will work on the detail development of a design, always mindful of the engineering, packaging and manufacturing requirements. Producing high quality photorealistic images, the client can review and confidently select the future design direction, being guided throughout by our experienced team.

As well as creating exciting and dynamic exterior designs, we also design full vehicle interiors, working with our engineering colleagues to optimise the vehicle package and ensure excellent ergonomic solutions for the vehicle occupants.

3D Digital Modelling

Having established a design theme, the next step is to move into 3D. Using the latest industry standard Autodesk Alias software, our modelers will develop the design, carefully sculpting the surfaces and perfecting the proportions. Working simultaneously with our engineers, who will be developing the package layout, a complete picture of the vehicle will begin to emerge at this stage, as the design matures.

Visualisation of the exterior and interior design is a very important aspect of the process. High quality renderings and animations can be produced from the 3D data showing every aspect of the design, with an infinite choice of colours, finishes and views. These help define the final specification of the vehicle. A visualisation suite, featuring a 7 metre wide screen, enables real-time design reviews.

The final aspect of the digital modeling phase is the production of refined “A” class surfaces. Using the latest industry standard ICEM surf software, our modelers work closely with their engineering colleagues, perfecting every surface and interface detail, to ensure a beautifully resolved final design, ready to commit to production.

3D Physical Modelling

Although the advent of digital modeling has transformed the vehicle design process, the use of physical models is still an essential element at key stages of the project. Whether a concept scale model early in the programme, or a fully detailed model ahead of sign-off, our in-house CNC machining capability, ensures a fast turnaround.

The traditional automotive modeling medium is clay and this is still used extensively throughout the industry, as it is easily machined, with the added benefit that it can then be worked by hand by highly skilled clay modelers. Using the precision measuring equipment in our studios, or taking digital scans of the hand sculpted clay, we can ensure that digital design work and engineering can progress simultaneously with the physical model development.

The clay can be painted conventionally, or wrapped in painted di-noc film, ready for review. Depending on the nature of each project, models can also be machined from various types of foam. Although advanced digital visualisation techniques are very useful to the overall process, there is still no real substitute for viewing a full size model outside next to other vehicles.

As well as the exterior design, interior models and ergonomic bucks are made by our Visioneering teams, using these same basic processes. These can be fine-tuned to suit the requirements of each individual project.