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سيارات ليموزين مصفحة وحصرية

Supplying a wide range of armored and exclusive limousines,built on the various brands!

*السيارات المصفحة*voitures blindées*carros blindados*Бронированные автомобили*

STOCK CARS / السيارات الأسهم

Dear customers!

We constantly offer our customers a wide selection of warehouse elongated and armored vehicles. As a rule, these cars have different year of production and different mileage. They are produced by various companies around the world! The range and number of cars are constantly changing in connection with the sale and receipt of the next batch of cars!

We're offering the following modied cars:

1-New and used elongated SUVs based on Audi,BMW, Cadillac,Lexus, Mercedes-Benz,Toyota, etc,;

2-New and used ellongated sedans based on Audi,Bentley,BMW,Rolls-Royce,Mercedes-Benz etc.;

3-New and used armored SUVs, based on Audi, Cadillac,Chevrolet, Bentley, BMW,Rolls-Royce,Mercedes-Benz, GMC, Porsche, Toyota/Lexus including original factory armored cars etc.;

4-New and used armored sedans and limousines based Audi,Bentley,BMW,Rolls-Royce,Mercedes-Benz,Porsche including factory armored cars etc.;

5-New and used elongated and armored limousines, based on Audi,Bentley,BMW,Rolls-Royce etc.;

6-New and used armored VANs based on Chevrolet,Ford,Fiat,GMC,Mercedes-Benz,Volkswagen etc.;

7-New and used armored coach passenger buses based on Fiat,Mercedes-Benz, Setra,Scania,Volvo etc.;

8-New and used armored pickups and light trucks based on on Chevrolet,Ford,GMC,Mercedes-Benz,Mitsubishi,Nissan,Toyota,Volkswagen etc.; 

9-New and used elongated multipurpose SUVs for Escort/Bodyguard/Police based on Mercedes-Benz etc;

10-New and used armored multiipurpose SUVs for Convoy/Bodyguard/Police based on BMW,Chevrolet,GMC,Mercedes-Benz,Toyota,Volkswagen etc.;

11-New and used exotic/replica cars;

12-New and used sport/race cars;

13-Tuned sedans,SUVs,pickups and light trucks,VANs,buses of different automotive brands with exterior and interior modifications;

14-Any other types of cars upon request.

For more information, please don't hesitate and contact us via,,via WhatsApp,Telegram,Viber,Snapchat and Skype!

اًهلان بكم في شركتنا للسيارات المصفحة و الفاخرة ، بشرفنا متابعتكم علي الحسابات التالية: إنستقرام، فيس بوك ، فليكر،بينتريست، سناب شات

يسرنا شركة في بي اس السيارات المصفحة نقدم لكم العرض الاًفضل لهذه اليوم السيارة

 لا تتودد في للتواصل معنا لمزيد من المعلومات مثل اًسعار السيارات وًالمواصفات علي البريد الإلكترونيي وواتساب و تيليجرام و سكيب و هاتف الجوال  +٧ ٩٨٥ ٢٧٥ ٤٤٣٣

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