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سيارات ليموزين مصفحة وحصرية

Supplying a wide range of armored and exclusive limousines,built on the various brands!

*السيارات المصفحة*voitures blindées*carros blindados*Бронированные автомобили*

PARTNERS / شركاء


Valmet Automotive Engineereing

When Mercedes-Benz named us their best partnering company in 2017, the staff in Uusikaupunki was especially overjoyed. After all, the award was honoring our key competence: Building the best cars for the best OEMs. And taking responsibility for the entire engineering and manufacturing chains – from the concept to assembly to the supply of parts. Numerous OEMs – like Saab, Porsche and Daimler – have relied on and continue to rely on our unique processes and product quality.

At the same time, we are looking ahead – to turnkey vehicle engineering and manufacturing. Here is where we bundle our know-how from various fields of engineering and combine it with our holistic manufacturing process, mainly to push forward innovative concepts for battery-powered and self-driving vehicles. We are redefining what we know as “car” today.


TSS International BV

Tensions around the world are creating new security challenges for government officials, peace keepers, emergency services, business executives and travellers alike. Whether a vehicle is armoured or not, its purpose is to safely bring its passengers to their end destination. That is why TSS provides high-level expertise and products to keep vehicles moving in the most difficult conditions. Mobility is a vehicle's most important asset, TSS makes sure your vehicle gets to use that asset as long as possible.TSS is your one-stop-shop for keeping your special-purpose vehicle moving. Our runflat systems, brake upgrades, protected fuel tanks, vehicle intercoms and heavy-duty wheels are all aimed at protecting your vehicle's most valuable asset: its mobility. We call that Armour Mobility!


Isoclima S.p.A.

The World leader in the market of high-performance glass, thanks to the technologies applied and developed over time, ISOCLIMA is committed to the constant pursuit of perfection, quality, and a product developed for the personal safety and protection of its customers on Land, Air and by Sea. ISOCLIMA finds solutions based on the customer’s needs aiming for long term results. Always ready to accept new challenges and to invest in R&D, ISOCLIMA represents the point of reference as the leader in the markets in which it operates!


AKKA Technologies

AKKA is the European market leader in the automotive and aerospace sectors with 13,252 skilled engineers and technicians worldwide. Over the past 30 years, the Group has offered turnkey engineering solutions to its clients, who are the world's leading companies in the automotive industry.


EDAG Engineering GmbH

We are experts in the development of vehicles, production plants and the optimisation of your processes. When it comes to automobile development, you need someone with a fully integrated approach to the question of mobility. With a passion for development. That's us.

Our expertise includes the integrated development and optimisation of vehicles, production facilities, derivatives and modules. This has made us what we are today: the acknowledged, independent engineering experts for the automotive industry.

And your business contact for the mobility of the future!