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سيارات ليموزين مصفحة وحصرية

Supplying a wide range of armored and exclusive limousines,built on the various brands!

*السيارات المصفحة*voitures blindées*carros blindados*Бронированные автомобили*

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The World leader in the market of high-performance glass, thanks to the technologies applied and developed over time, ISOCLIMA is committed to the constant pursuit of perfection, quality, and a product developed for the personal safety and protection of its customers on Land, Air and by Sea. ISOCLIMA finds solutions based on the customer’s needs aiming for long term results. Always ready to accept new challenges and to invest in R&D, ISOCLIMA represents the point of reference as the leader in the markets in which it operates

ISOCLIMA's history

ISOCLIMA was founded in 1977 as a glass processing company for architectural products. Within a short period its emphasis was directed to the research and development of new technologies to achieve high ballistic performance transparent composite panels, particularly using glass and polycarbonate. The combination of these two materials laminated together has allowed the company to offer bullet-resistant glazings, with the advantage of being  “No-Spall”, allowing an equivalent performance to then existing products but being far thinner and lighter.

ISOCLIMA's world

ISOCLIMA is part of the Finind Group, that expanded over time with the acquisition of other important Italian and foreign glass companies, such as ISOCLIMA de Mexico S.A. de C.V. in Mexico  and Lipik Glas d.o.o. in Croatia. Today ISOCLIMA stands out thanks to the reputation acquired over the years as well as the co-engineering processes that allow ISOCLIMA to be the supplier of the main automotive groups in the world (Group FCA, Group Daimler, Group BMW, Group VW-Audi,…).

The large range of the products that ISOCLIMA can offer is highly appreciated in various markets and sectors, especially for the ever increasing demand of products with high quality standards.

A special feature of the company is the ability to respond to every need and to succeed in tailoring the product to the customer’s requirements, specifically with reference to resistance, protection, solar and energy control.


FININD is now one of the largest and most comprehensive glassworks in the world.

A strong focus on research and development to create top quality products with high technological content allowed the FININDgroup companies to enter several other demanding niche markets and emerge quickly, with great international acclaim.

In addition to the automotive industry, ISOCLIMA and LIPIK branded products are now popular in the Aircraft, Marine and Rail industry as well as in Architecture and buildings, combining technology, safety and quality.


We are committed to understand and exceed our customers' expectations. We are devoted to search for a leadership role in our markets through our manufacturing process and technologies. Isoclima supplies more than products and solutions, supporting the customer during all phases, from the designing to the after-sale service


Protecting persons and their sphere as a leader not as a follower.

We trust in our employees and in the power of technology. The spirit of Italian innovation has enabled us to create new products and new markets.


ISOCLIMA faiths in success through people. Our guiding principle is the Total Quality and all our employees are involved in this common target.

Our reputation is based on integrity and overall honest and fair behaviour. Discretion is a base of our business, to protect our customers’ privacy and secrets.

ISOCLIMA is engaged in attention to health, safety, ethical values and environmental protection criteria.


The systematic and accurate checks carried out on products, production processes and facilities, tests, inspections, measurements and ballistic testing (with a shooting range within the company’s own premises), along with advanced work and management methods, have earned ISOCLIMA a number of certifications attesting to the quality of its design, manufacture, installation and service systems.


All the ISOCLIMA glass, including both glass/glass and glass/polycarbonate, are manufactured in aseptic and climate-controlled environments. The materials and production methods used require considerable attention in keeping the environment at predetermined temperature and humidity levels, as well as ensuring the total absence of foreign elements in the air which might get in-between the window layers during assembly.


ISOCLIMA's, R&D division is of fundamental importance. In addition to developing new types of glass panels to bring the market, the R&D division also provides valuable technical support to the company’s various departments.

Testing Laboratories

The R&D Division develops and produces quality control and inspection systems to certify that the new developed glazing types or cross-sections meet the requirements of the customer or of the reference standards.    

The Research Centre includes the Laboratory R&D Isoclima, which performs testing activities in full technical and scientific independence.

The laboratory R&D Isoclima is accredited by ACCREDIA (Italian National Accreditation Body appointed by the State to perform accreditation activity) according to the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard  with no. 1008 (list of accredited tests can be found on the website

The accreditation certifies the technical competence of the Laboratory R&D Isoclima and the conformity of the management requirements to the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.

Tthe Laboratorio R&D Isoclima was assigned the combined mark ACCREDIA-ILAC MRA Accredia that, in force of signed mutual recognition arrangement (MRA), ensures validity and use of the accreditation on the European and International market.

In-house Quality Testing

ISOCLIMA tests all its ballistic products in its own shooting range.

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