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*armored cars*السيارات المصفحة*զրահապատ մեքենաներ*დაჯავშნული ავტომობილები*


PARTNERS / شركاء



AKKA Technologies

    AKKA is the European market leader in the automotive and aerospace sectors with 13,252 skilled engineers and technicians worldwide.

Over the past 30 years, the Group has offered turnkey engineering solutions to its clients, who are the world's leading companies in the automotive industry.


iinovis GmbH 

 Full range of enginerering services for automotive industry

The Netherlands


TSS International BV

Tensions around the world are creating new security challenges for government officials, peace keepers, emergency services, business executives and travellers alike. Whether a vehicle is armoured or not, its purpose is to safely bring its passengers to their end destination. That is why TSS provides high-level expertise and products to keep vehicles moving in the most difficult conditions. Mobility is a vehicle's most important asset, TSS makes sure your vehicle gets to use that asset as long as possible.TSS is your one-stop-shop for keeping your special-purpose vehicle moving. Our runflat systems, brake upgrades, protected fuel tanks, vehicle intercoms and heavy-duty wheels are all aimed at protecting your vehicle's most valuable asset: its mobility. We call that Armour Mobility!

South Africa


OPTIMA Ballistic Glass

 Since 2005 we add more than 110 years of experience in the industry.

Just as armored glass gains security and quality by adding layers of the best quality and exact formulas, our team is synonymous with cohesion talent and long term commitment.

We seek excellence in our operation being consistent in these basic principles:

Transparency:Our tactic is direct contact with our customers through constant updates in commercial, technical and financial issues. Our strategy is to exceed your expectations.

Agility:We have a slender administrative structure. It allows us to make fast and articulate decisions.

Professionalism:We know the expectations of both customers and users.  We intend to anticipate, satisfy and surpass them.

We invest in the development of information systems that reduce the risk of human error and improve synergy between different areas of the organization.


IAG - International Armored Group

Internationa Armored Group

International Armored Group is a quality conscious armored vehicle manufacturer with over 20 years of experience specializing in the fields of design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of armored commercial and tactical vehicles; armored components; and ballistic glass and framing systems, with locations in the United States of America, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Iraq and Pakistan.  We have grown substantially over the years and have become one of the most technologically advanced armored vehicle manufacturers in the world.

IAG’s engineering department has over 60 years of combined experience in design and manufacturing of armored vehicles. Our state-of-the-art production facilities allow the teams of highly skilled engineers and technicians to convert any vehicle platform into a fully re-engineered protective vehicle. These include VIP Protection, Luxury & Operational SUVs and cars, Police and Law Enforcement, Pickups & Trucks, Ambulances, Tactical and Armored Personnel Carriers, Anti-Riot vehicles and Cash-in-Transit vehicles.

Thousands of vehicles currently bear the IAG logo and operate in some of the most hostile environments in the world. Each vehicle is a testament to the class leading quality that IAG’s clients have come to expect over the years. Our past and current clients include the US Military, NATO, and various government and non-government organizations.

Our exclusive Smartarmor™ technology featured on our entire product portfolio has a proven track record in defeating a wide range of ballistic and blast attacks. Every vehicle we sell is backed by our warranty because we are confident that our products are of the utmost quality and reliability.

We have offices located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq and Bulgaria providing services to our clients worldwide around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




The company is an ideal platform supporting operations and missions in hostile environments. We ofer risk mitigation and defense solutions to governments, diplomats, private security companies, and dignitaries.INTERPAL specializes in extensive range of customized, armored & brand new soft skin vehicles. 

Russian Federation



The company manufactures a new class of exlusive transport on the base of Volkswagen Multivan/Transporter 4WD, Mercedes-Benz V250/300d W447 4Matic In long/extra long wheelbase , Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519CDI passenger buses that are popular all over the world. The comfortable buses as an alternative to premium class limousines Audi A8L D5, BMW 7-series xDrive G12 and  Mercedes-Benz S-class V222/Mercedes-Maybach S-class X222 and premium class make/models of SUVs. The company is specialing on bespoke interiors for limousines including dividing walls and multimeadia installation. Using individual solutions and the latest technology, the company realize the wishes of our customers.

A wide range of services: design, selection of materials and options - allows you to create a car according to the tasks and requirements of the client. The team of our employees will always provide the necessary service both at the stage of order formation, and with subsequent service and warranty service.

Konig Motor Club

Konig Motor Club 

 The company carries commissions sales of wide range of new, pre-woned and used armored and prestigious sedans, SUVs and VANs on the terrotory of Russian Federation and export abroad. The company provides rent-a-car and transportation services.