VPS is supplying a wide range of armored and exclusive limousines,based on a different automotive brands /models.


About company

VPS Motors Group is a follower of  ArmorTech Group of companies (registered trademark) , which was representated as three separate companies in 2000-2014 years providing unique services and supplying exclusive products such as various developed, engineered  and manufactured cars on chassis of various automotive brands / models, including elongated, armored and elongated limousines in combination with ballistic protection. This allowed to provide their VIP passengers a very comfortable and safe environment, characterized by generous placement inside the limousines and maximum comfort combined with the high protection of their VIP passengers from any possible threats.

With the constant growth of violence and existing possible threats growing on a global scale, VPS Motors Group continues the traditions of its predecessor and offers a wide range of specially protected limousines, special means and systems that can withstand attacks of modern small arms, IEDs and army hand-grenades with their VIP passengers under certain conditions.

Meanwhile, the constant development and modernization of small arms and ammunition to them can not guarantee 100% protection!

All offered products are developed, engineered and manufactured in close cooperation with the several leading automotive companies and special manufacturers of armored vehicles and special means and protection systems around the world.

Reliability, quality and confidentiality are the top priorities of our work.

Your safety - our reputation!

Armor protection

We supply fully developed,engineered and manufactured armored vehicles based on premium and lux class make/models for private, public and commercial clients internationally.Modifications, which for the majority of projects start with a complete factory armored vehicle, may be supplemented with a wide range of options enabling the vehicle to be tailored and equipped for the client’s exact requirements.

Ballistic highlights

The armoring of the car follows the principle of “The Shell-in-The Shell” integrated protection based on many years of experience in building special protected vehicles based on different make/models of sedans and SUVs and other types of the cars.

The strong protective system of the car has immediately met all the personal protection requirements of the relevant authorities in Germany and EU, and are the vehicle to have been comprehensively certificated for ballistic protection in resistance class in accordance with VPAM BRV2009 (Bullet Resistant Vehicles) and for blast protection in resistance class ERV2010 (Explosive Resistance Vehicles).

Protection package

Special security and comfort features - description:

 -Protection package VR7,VR9, and VR10

-High load capacity wheels with Run-Flats tires (standard)

-Michelin PAX wheels with Run-Flats tires (option for some make/models)

-Electric window lift (hydraulic power) in front, left/right (standard)

-Electric window lift (hydraulic power) in rear, left/right (option)

-Heated windscreen and backlight (option)

-Fire extinguishing system with manual (standard) automatic activation (option)

-Multi-tone siren or Panic alarm system (option)

-Intercom system for outside communication in combination with siren PAS

-Emergency fresh-air system (option)

-Reinforced floor protection against 3 DM51 (option)

-Armor plated fuel tank  Anti-Explosive Self-Sealing fuel tank (standard)

-Reinforced body structure elements, door hinges and overlaps (standard)

-LED reading lamps in the rear, left and right (option)

-Multifunctional business console with different plugs (option)

-Fridge in rear armrest with cup holders (option)

-Switch for emergency boot lid release (option)

-Auxiliary battery for emergency start (standard)

-Disable emergency opening of central looking (option)

-Strobe lights behind radiator grill (option)

-Special functions unit as per request (option)

Ballistic specification:

The armoring of the car follows the principle of “The Shell-in-The Shell” integrated protection based on many years of experience in building special protected vehicles based on different make/models of sedans and SUVs and other types of the cars.

The strong protective system of the car has immediately met all the personal protection requirements of the relevant authorities in Germany and EU, and are the vehicle to have been comprehensively certificated for ballistic protection in resistance class in accordance with VPAM BRV2009 (Bullet Resistant Vehicles) and for blast protection in resistance class ERV2010 (Explosive Resistance Vehicles).

Where explosive charges are concerned, the car has demonstrated its protective capabilities by meeting the requirements of ERV2010 and the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation. Innovative under body armoring almost entirely covers the under body for the first time, a unique feature in the civilian special protection segment.

BRV 2009 specifies much stricter requirements than BRV1999: the main difference between these guidelines is that according to BRV1999 a vehicle can be shot at 45° or 90° only. According to VPAM BRV2009 the vehicle can be shot at ANY angle, which makes it much more challenging, but on the other hand much closer to the real life.

Also the new standard ERV2010 increased the requirements for the protection against side blasts – originally the requirement was to sustain a blast of 15 kg TNT from a distance of 4 m. The charge was put on the ground level.

The new requirement prescribes the detonation of the same amount of TNT,15 kg.