VPS is supplying a wide range of armored and extended

wheelbase cars, based on make/models made by main automotive manufacturers

Protection package

Special security and comfort features - description:


-Protection package VR7,VR9, and VR7/VR9 

-High load capacity wheels with Run-Flats tires (standard)

-Michelin PAX wheels with Run-Flats tires (option for some make/models)

-Electric window lift (hydraulic power) in front, left/right (standard)

-Electric window lift (hydraulic power) in rear, left/right (option)

-Heated windscreen and backlight (option)

-Fire extinguishing system with manual (standard) automatic activation (option)

-Multi-tone siren or Panic alarm system (option)

-Intercom system for outside communication in combination with siren PAS

-Emergency fresh-air system (option)

-Reinforced floor protection against 3 DM51 (option)

-Armor plated fuel tank  Anti-Explosive Self-Sealing fuel tank (standard)

-Reinforced body structure elements, door hinges and overlaps (standard)

-LED reading lamps in the rear, left and right (option)

-Multifunctional business console with different plugs (option)

-Fridge in rear armrest with cup holders (option)

-Switch for emergency boot lid release (option)

-Auxiliary battery for emergency start (standard)

-Disable emergency opening of central looking (option)

-Strobe lights behind radiator grill (option)

-Special functions unit as per request (option)